Building core

Architectural Specification

Means of Escape 1 person per 6 sq. m
Internal Climate 1 person per 6 sq. m
Sanitary Accommodation 1 person per 8 sq. m.
(Provisions as per BS6465 4-1 2014)

Planning Module

1.5 X 1.5m Typical throughout

Structural Grid

7.5 X 7.5m and 7.5 X 9.0m

Floor Loadings

Office Floors 5.0kN/m2 UDL
Reception Area 5.0kN/m2 UDL
Car Parking Area 2.5kN/m2 UDL
Roofs 0.6kN/m2 UDL
Plant Area 7.5kN/m2 UDL

Floor Heights

Reception Ceiling Height Double height space
Approx. 7.8m
Ground Floor Ceiling Height 4.0m
1st – 6th Floor Ceiling Height 2.75m
Typical Floor to Floor Height 4.1m

Service Zones

Raised Access Floor 200mm
Typical Floor to Ceiling Height 2750mm
Ceiling Zone 650mm


Insitu reinforced concrete structure with typical 275mm flat floor slabs, with insitu reinforced concrete columns and core walls.